SHL Medical is a leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of advanced drug delivery devices such as auto injectors, pen injectors, and inhaler systems. Our customers include top pharmaceutical and biotech companies from around the globe that require innovative devices to effectively deliver their drugs. These self-administered devices can empower patients by allowing them to take their medications in the comfort of their homes or under the supervision of their healthcare providers.

Material and Component Evaluation
Ergonomic Design
Design for Manufacture (DFM)
Risk Management Technical Documentation
Design History File (DHF)
Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Studies
Strict Protection of Intellectual Property (IP)


Our extensive product line includes disposable or reusable devices that can adapt to various specified requirements. Such specifications may include fixed or variable dosing, specific primary drug containers, high drug viscosities, and more, all of which can be accommodated by SHL's devices through robust customization. An example is the PPI®, which delivers a highly viscous drug in small dosages with high precision.



Many of our devices have received several prestigious awards and demonstrated technologies that have since become industry benchmarks. We base our designs on customer requirements and patient needs, with the ultimate goal to enhance ease-of-use, safety and patient compliance.



Our engineers continuously develop product enhancements and breakthrough technologies while we continue to expand in-house capabilities and processes such as molding, tooling, assembly, automation, CNC machining, and metrology to maintain optimal manufacturing capacity and seamlessly produce a range of drug delivery systems in a timely manner.