High Quality Cutting Machines Optimized Fabric Utilization
Automatic Fabric Spreading & Digital Cutting High Precision & Accuracy

As a leader in manufacturing, SHL understands the importance of investing in the right machines to optimize production and ensure quality of the end-product. SHL Healthcare has several high quality Lectra Vector 2500 cutting machines in-house, ran by skilled and experienced operators.

By leveraging the benefits of CNC fabric cutting, we are able to cut several layers of fabric at the same time, according to the specified digital patterns. These patterns can also include guides for sewing, ultimately making the operator's job in the next step easier. The Vector 2500 can cut a single-layer as accurately as 1”(25mm) of compressed fabric, and assures flexibility and quality for the cutting of solid or print fabrics. This means that we can produce products with tight tolerances and offer multiple finishing options.

By combining the best machines with skilled professionals, SHL continues to uphold its reputation for high-quality manufacturing in Asia and will continue to expand in this area to meet customer demands.