More than 100 top-of-the-line programmable sewing machines Single/Double Needle, Cylinder, ZigZag, Over-Lock and more
Extensive sewing capabilities and experience Continuous investment in new machines

To meet different requirements and sewing specifications of our customers, SHL Healthcare provides a wide selection of sewing equipment in-house to support both conventional and CNC sewing. This includes well known household brands like JUKI, to industrial grade sewing machine brands such as PFAFF and Mitsubishi. With each machine offering a unique sewing capability, we are able to offer stitching including single/double needle, cylinder, zigzag, over-lock and more. In addition, SHL Healthcare actively analyzes project and capacity needs and invests in additional equipment as needed to better support our customers.

Over the years, SHL Healthcare has gained extensive knowledge and experience with sewing, which has ultimately enabled us to be more efficient and competitive. With several sewing lines rotating through 3 shifts a day, we are able to provide customers from around the world with high quality sewing capabilities.