SHL actively invests in R&D to continuously develop the latest technologies for our drug delivery systems such as auto injectors and pen injectors as well as our healthcare equipment. Our development, which is based on feedback provided by engaging customers and regularly connecting with industry experts and end-users, enables us to remain one step ahead of market demands in areas such as product features.

Over the years, SHL has worked with leading biopharmaceutical and biotech companies to successfully develop and launch numerous state-of-the-art drug delivery systems ranging from compact disposable auto injectors and pen injectors to smart, transcutaneous, pulmonary and eye/ocular delivery systems. These devices utilize our cutting-edge Intellectual Property and are based on standard syringe and cartridge containers as well as novel primary containers. A range of home and hospital care equipment products such as medical slings and pressure care mattress systems also continues to be developed under SHL Healthcare.

We invest heavily in the most advanced manufacturing capabilities to bring our partners the best products. At any time, we have in our pipeline a substantial number of devices under development to meet the requirements of next-generation molecules and anticipated end-user needs. These new drug delivery systems give our customers the flexibility to accommodate changing market trends, including fewer handling steps, higher volumes, thinner needles, high viscous formulations, and novel primary containers.

With a broad range of drug delivery devices and an extensive portfolio of worldwide patents, SHL offers various design options to accommodate the increasing number of new drug formulations being introduced and to enhance patient compliance. In addition, our devices have been used to differentiate and extend our partners’ drug lifecycle in response to competition.

Our portfolio of customized products provides many customers with the solutions they seek. With our established track record, robust in-house manufacturing capabilities and industry knowledge, we are confident that we can continue to help drive our partners and their products to future success.