Robust & comprehensive testing capabilities in-house.


  • Strictly supervised product performance verification
  • Maximum load, ageing, leak, durability, burst, tensile strength, fatigue, stretch, laundry testing
  • Interface Pressure Mapping capabilities
  • Close relationship with 3rd party Testing Institutes
SHL Healthcare understands the importance of product performance verification and documentation, especially when it comes to the home & hospital care industry. To ensure our end-products can help enhance patient comfort and functionality, we have developed a range of comprehensive testing capabilities in-house required for medical slings, soft goods and dynamic mattress systems. Our load test cell is used during development of new medical slings to determine which load a design can handle, and can also be used in production as part of quality control.

Our range of testing capabilities includes maximum load, ageing, leak, durability, burst, tensile strength, fatigue, strength and laundry testing. For any specific testing requirements, we work closely with third party testing institutes and suppliers.