SHL Medical | 2019.01

SHL Group Focuses on High Volume Delivery at Drug Delivery Partnerships

SHL is set to present its market-leading auto injector offerings and expertise in final assembly and packaging services at the Drug Delivery Partnerships (DDP) 2019 conference. The three-day event will run from January 28-30 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA.

Heading into its 23rd year, the DDP conference is regarded as a prominent event where pharma companies gather to source new opportunities and most importantly, to stay at the forefront of the industry.

SHL will exhibit its broad range of advanced drug delivery devices at the conference, including the Needle Isolation Technology (NIT®) that shields users from needle-stick injuries with its pre-installed needle; the Rotaject® technology designed to deliver high volumes of drug formulations with constant force through a patented clock spring and a high-volume variation of the Molly® line – Molly®2.25.

The Molly®2.25 is a successor of the ultra-compact Molly® auto injector, owning the same preconfigured technology that offers a faster product development timeline with a larger capacity to accommodate fill volumes up to 2.25mL. The newest edition of the Molly® family is a solution for biotech and pharma companies seeking to commercialize high volume drug delivery devices in a timely manner.

"Participating in this conference allows us to connect with new and existing partners and to listen to their needs in drug delivery. SHL's contract manufacturing facility is located just some miles south of the event location so this is a hometown event for us. We invite current and future customers to visit our site when in town." said Jamie Gould, SHL's Business Development Manager.

Company experts will be at the booth to talk about SHL's unique final packaging services. As market demands increase, SHL has expanded its in-house capabilities in final assembly, labeling and packaging that ensures a streamlined process for combination products from the development stage to the final stage of becoming market-ready.

"Vertical integration is the backbone of SHL's business model, which ranges from device design, tooling fabrication, molding, and now contract manufacturing. SHL's advantage lies in our ability to minimize or eliminate the need for our partners to further outsource activities during development through to commercialization of a finished product," said SHL's Director of Business Development Taras Seniuch.

Visit SHL at Stand 307 to learn more about our products and services.


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